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Seeking Virtual Help – There’s An App For That

October is National Depression & Mental Health Awareness Month, and organizations across the globe are promoting awareness and education. Encouraging individuals to seek help and for others to help destigmatize mental health. There’s been a growing trend of people turning to digital communication for guidance and support in the pandemic climate.

Now that all of us have had to become better consumers on the internet during this pandemic, the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) following information might be a useful guide for you or someone you know who is searching for help. This method would be a great way to familiarize those less confident with therapy to explore their options.

As the number of mental health apps available continues to rise, psychiatrists are likely to receive patients’ questions on these products’ risks and benefits. To help psychiatrists and other mental health professionals select apps, the APA has created the APA App Advisor—a website that guides visitors through questions to consider when evaluating mental health apps.

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