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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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By: Schatzie Brunner With the news we’ve been suffering through over the past few weeks, it is easy to focus on mental health and to feel as if it is everywhere. And it seems to be. But I want to talk about mental health where many of us spend our days, and that’s at work. […]

Healthy Habit: The Power of Positive Self-Talk

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By: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now The pandemic continues to drag on, and experts tell us that, in all likelihood, we won’t be back to “normal” for another nine to 12 months. Even though it is tough to think about that, there is a way for us to fight anxiety and depression every day. […]

Seeking Virtual Help – There’s An App For That

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October is National Depression & Mental Health Awareness Month, and organizations across the globe are promoting awareness and education. Encouraging individuals to seek help and for others to help destigmatize mental health. There’s been a growing trend of people turning to digital communication for guidance and support in the pandemic climate. Now that all of […]

Recognizing Mental Health Issues: What to Say and What to Do

recognizing mental health, what to say, what to do

By: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now We all notice when friends, family, or co-workers begin to behave differently. Maybe they suddenly have a short fuse. Or they might be much quieter than they have ever been in the past. Perhaps they are late getting to work, and their work product isn’t what it once […]

Corporate Courage

corporate courage

“Courage” doesn’t seem to be a word we associate with the corporate workplace. But our current pace of life may be dictating the necessity to exhibit courage in an entirely different way than how we have thought about it in the past. We are all bombarded by information and lists of things to do that […]

Having the Courage to Care for Others

having compassion to care for others

By: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now Compassion takes courage. And if you ever doubted it, turn the news on later and see how thousands of people aren’t just feeling compassionate after the horrific death of George Floyd but using the language of peaceful protests to demonstrate how deeply they feel compassion for those who […]

My Coping Tricks with the Self-Isolation During the Pandemic

My Coping Tricks with the Self-Isolation During the Pandemic

By: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now I love being alone. However, long periods of it can put me on a path to depression and anxiety. Some people love to be around other people, and I understand that they may get energy from being with others. But as an introvert, being alone gives me energy […]



By: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now Let’s talk about anxiety, the first cousin of depression. (And by the way, I got this information from the American Psychiatric Foundation.) Everyone experiences anxiety, and it can be useful in avoiding dangerous situations.  Or in motivating you to solve problems.  But that’s normal anxiety, which is not […]

You’re Not Listening!

you're not listening

By: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now There is an important new book on the market, entitled You’re Not Listening by Kate Murphy. The subtitle is What You’re Missing and Why It Matters, written by Murphy, a reporter from Houston, Texas. The author makes some critical points which are relevant to our concerns about depression […]

Workplace Mental Health: Investing in People is a Smart Decision

Corporate Wellness

By: Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about workplace mental health. And it is alarming how slow awareness and education have spread between both sides—employers and employees. Especially regarding the resources available to aid and improve well-being. A healthy workforce impacts more than just a company’s bottom line. While […]