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Wellness works.

The first thing Schatzie shows her corporate clients is that feelings are sacred. And feelings must be shared but only in a confidential setting that is trustworthy.

Whether your company employs a mental health professional or has a list of trusted outside experts, a referral must be honored confidentially by anyone in a position to make referrals.

No matter how well a company is run, everyone in their culture must understand that seeking counseling of any kind is not only normal but indicates that the person seeking help is interested in developing into a more productive employee.

If the company’s leadership has never experienced emotional discord firsthand, they have no compass for judging, understanding, or guiding someone who is suffering.

While possibly surprising, The Depression Calculator will quickly give leadership a view of just how much emotional discord is present within their company. The Depression Calculator will produce a straightforward statistical calculation of mental distress with just a few facts and figures.

During a time of major company turmoil, I, as CEO, needed to be clearheaded and effective in my communications with everyone. Schatzie was a godsend to me. She was calm and calming, an obvious communications professional to help me project the right message in the right way. That she, herself, was battling depression, never, ever, entered my mind.


Understanding is found only in respectful dialogue.


New Way Now offers businesses educational opportunities to establish and improve their mental health awareness, employee programs, and overall workforce wellness.

When it comes to mental health,
we say we know it’s a problem, but do we?

New Way Now is on a journey to encourage and foster unbiased conversations among individuals struggling with mental health issues while promoting education throughout all areas of our culture on ways to support themselves and others suffering in silence.