New Way Now


Schatzie Brunner launched New Way Now in 2018 to break the mental health stigma, focused on helping businesses foster happier and healthier workforces.

Schatzie, a former CNN anchor, celebrated author, and depression awareness advocate, spent decades struggling with depression in silence. Known as Barbara Brunner on the air at CNN, Schatzie played out what most people with depression know and hopes to teach the rest of us, that The Face of Depression is not what you may expect.

In her experience, those with depression become expert actors in all parts of their lives, believing it’s less risky to hide depression than talk about it or admit you have it.

New Way Now is on a mission to change workplace wellness. 

Schatzie Brunner, Founder, New Way Now

What I never knew was how much healing could come from talking openly about it.

Schatzie has taken her life experience and turned it into a compelling story about how she has lived with depression. Most importantly, Schatzie has described how she has addressed her illness of depression, making the most positive choices she could in a way that allows her to be vibrant as she lives her life. Her book is a profound inspiration for anyone struggling with depression.

When it comes to mental health,
we say we know it’s a problem, but do we?

New Way Now is on a journey to encourage and foster unbiased conversations among individuals struggling with mental health issues while promoting education throughout all areas of our culture on ways to support themselves and others suffering in silence.