New Way Now


New Way Now has organized a collection of mental health resources.


Recognizing signs of mental health disorders can be very challenging. This Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) is a diagnostic tool for mental health disorders used by health care professionals that is quick and easy for individuals to complete. The PHQ offers a simple scoring system to rate the degree of an individual’s possible depression. New Way Now utilizes this proven PHQ as a self-administered assessment to help people struggling with depression identify their severity, and, most importantly, immediately following the scoring result, we provide you with a listing and contact information of healthcare professionals in your community who can help you.

If you feel you are depressed, please take a few minutes to complete this 10-question assessment. Your answers and scoring result are confidential.

Currently, New Way Now is focused on providing depression resources in Tennessee and Kentucky, but we are actively adding more states, and if your state isn’t listed, please click here for help with depression.

When it comes to mental health,
we say we know it’s a problem, but do we?

New Way Now is on a mission to encourage and foster unbiased conversations among individuals struggling with mental health issues while promoting education throughout all areas of our culture on ways to support themselves and others suffering in silence.