New Way Now


A workshop is a perfect way to establish or improve your company's wellness strategy.

In these workshops, leadership and department heads are educated on how employees are affected mentally at work and what is appropriate behavior when dealing effectively with stressors that might arise from time-to-time.

With decades of experience in corporate strategies on various aspects of communication, Schatzie offers many educational opportunities for businesses. She can help workforces overcome stressors, create transparency, improve communication, and ultimately boost trust, engagement, and productivity.


Let’s Talk

Approaching Colleagues

Understanding timing, body language and communicating to prompt confidential conversations in the workplace.

Normalizing Mental Health

Learn how to customize programs or integrate successful, existing programs into your company’s culture.

Recognizing Mental Health

What are the intentional and unintentional cues exhibited by those who suffer? Once people are sensitized to signs of suffering, what do they do?


New Way Now offers businesses educational opportunities to establish and improve their mental health awareness, employee programs, and overall workforce wellness.

When it comes to mental health,
we say we know it’s a problem, but do we?

New Way Now is on a journey to encourage and foster unbiased conversations among individuals struggling with mental health issues while promoting education throughout all areas of our culture on ways to support themselves and others suffering in silence.